PP Automatic packing belt production line

This PP strap Production Line is new designed with many years experience and adopt the Europe technology. The products PP strap is high quality compare to the other's. Its more straight and more strong.

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1514864585754174.jpgPP Packing belt production line as the earliest use of strapping materials, the most widely used, such as: machinery manufacturing, electronic products, agriculture, forestry and fruits and vegetables, daily chemical, newspaper, publishing house, bookstore, paper factory, department stores, food, post office, Confectionery bakery, Wood tobacco, wood, electronics and other industries.

PP Packing belt production process

PP Packing belt production line: mixing material--plastic granule heating and melting--extruding into the water to form a belt embryo--heating and stretching molding--embossing--annealing and cooling (stereotypes processing)------------------storage.


Plastic packing Belt production equipment features:

1.1% bottles of recycled material directly produced, green environmental protection, the use of waste resources, reduce the production cost of 30%

2. According to the pet molecular chain structure and specially designed drying tank system, dew point-50 degrees below, crystallization viscosity, dry evenly, the production of packing belt tensile strength high, not splitting

3. Stereotypes the oven, eliminates the prestress, does not bend, the shape is good, the width degree, the merits degree is homogeneous, may achieve the automatic packing level

4. Easy to operate, easy to maintain, low cost of work and electricity

PP Packing belt production line main parameters:


Host model

Maximum output

Fastest line speed

Product Specifications

One production

Production energy consumption






4 article

Approx. 105kw

1, plastic extruder: 1 Taiwan (including hot air dryer, 150 kg)

2, extrusion head: 1 set (including a mold, a set of pressure sensors)

3, cooling water tank: 2 (304 stainless steel)

4, low-speed five-roller traction machine: 1 Taiwan

5, double hot oven: 1 Taiwan (hot stretch)

6, high-speed stretch five-roll machine: 1 Taiwan

7, high-precision embossing device: 1 Taiwan

8, tempering stereotypes: 1 Taiwan

9, traction five roller equipment: 1 Taiwan

10, automatic winder: 1 Taiwan (frequency control)

11, electronic control device: Instrument (Changzhou Takasaki + Japan Omron)

Our Services

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Quality has Three Guarantees for one year and will provide spare parts and maintenance services for lifelong time.

Providing free training on buyer's operators and ensure they can handle the machine. Also we will be responsible for the installation and commissioning.

When equipment arrives to the demander, do a good job of after sales service. Reply in 6 hours and get to the site within three working days.

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