Aluminum extrusion press in China

The principal function of Extrusion Press is to make flow the aluminium through the die at a controlled speed and temperature. This is achieved by means of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic circuits controlled by a PLC system.

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1512112705368438.jpgNew Aluminium Extrusion Machine is of beautiful appearance, high automatism, rational structure, and easy of operation, with eacprocedure automatically controlled and realized by hydraulic system and PLC computer control system along with three movements of click moving,move in succession and automation, as well as quick stop, suspension in the unexpected situation, good safe performance, fast speed and steady movements; master cylinder’s board and spindle holder are positioned by four points, which stabilizes the center positioning of master cylinder with forward and backward movement,guaranteeing products’ quality; the employment of the most optimized hydraulic pressure and circuit series makes movement fast in vacant situation, and steady while extruding,and shortens the time not extruding. Material cutter is equipped with a pushing device, the one that will remove the remains stick on the razor blade; and material cutter is sturdily assembled, no shaking occurs while cutting, which will therefore reduce the thickness after press, and lower extruding cost, save energy, and high up production efficiency.


Aluminum Extrusion Machine 

We supply many kinds of Aluminum/ copper extruder with the capacity of 500-5000 tons and its auxiliary equipment. We gain good evaluation of users because of advanced technology, perfect quality and after-sale service. 

Aluminum Billet Cutting Machine


The equipment is special designed for cutting aluminum billet, adopt PLC and touch screen control with high degree of automation and stable performance, it can improve production efficiency greatly. The cutting speed and length are adjustable according to billet length and material, the cutting billet diameter varied from 3.5”-16”.

Press Feeding

Logs Loader:Equipment designed to stock the logs and feed them into the log heating furnace.

Logs Brusher:Equipment designed to brush the logs before entering to the furnace to eliminate completely the superficial impurities from the surface before to be extruded.

Logs Furnace:The logs heating furnace heats the aluminium log to the preset temperature optimizing the energy consumption.


Extrusion Press

The principal function of Extrusion Press is to make flow the aluminium through the die at a controlled speed and temperature. This is achieved by means of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic circuits controlled by a PLC system.

Press Exit

Quenching Table:The quenching table combines the use of spray water and air to control the profiles cooing curve. This system is adaptable to any type of geometric shape and makes it possible to apply proper heat treatment to the profiles to achieve optimal mechanical properties and correct dimensional tolerances.

Air Cooling:After the Quenching Table and along the lead-out Table Tecalex installs several wind boxes and centrifugal fans to continue the profile cooling process.

Lead out table:This conveyor table is placed at the exit of the press, behind the intensive cooling system; the length of the table may vary according the puller type and the forecasted extrusion speed.

Puller System:The puller system pulls and guides the aluminium profile during the extrusion process.

Handling Tables

Handling Tables:Equipment designed to move transversally the batches the puller has correctly placed in the run out conveyor, keeping the right distance between them when crossing the cooling zone, positioning and crossing the stretcher area and finally re-batching them on the saw conveyor, with no effect on the quality of the profiles.

Stretcher:The stretcher has two basic functions; the first one is to stretch the profile after the extrusion process to leave it within the correct tolerances and the second one is the elimination of the internal tensions which are produced as a result of the metallurgical effects of the extrusion.


Cutting, Gauging and Skips Feeding Zone

Finishing Saws:The finishing saw, within the aluminium extrusion process, has the function to cut the extruded profile into predefined sections for ageing, packaging and dispatch.

Gauge Table:The gauge stopper defines the length of the sawn profile.The gauge table enables the finishing saw to carry out a high quality cut at the shortest possible cycle time to the desired finishing length.

Skips Feeding System:The automatic profile stacker allows to fill the empty baskets with different layers of profiles separated by spacers without any manual manipulation.



Ageing oven:The Ageing Oven is designed to give the heat treatment to the aluminium profiles that will allow getting the right final mechanical properties ensuring the uniformity throughout.

Die ovens:The die ovens allow heating the dies at the preset temperature before to be introduced into the press to preserve the right thermal alignment during the extrusion process.These ovens may be either gas or electrically heated and are electronically controlled/ monitored.


Profile Skip

Skip stacker:The full skips, arriving from either the automatic profile stacker or from the manual profile stacking station are then stacked ready to be loaded into the ageing oven. The skip stacker performs this operation automatically.

Skip transport conveyors:The skip transport conveyors automatically transport the full skips from the end of the extrusion line, through the ageing process and on to the packing area. The empty skips may also be returned automatically from packing to the extrusion line to be filled.

Auxiliary Equipment

Die shop floor equipment:Related to the die workshop, we have developed the following machines: Nitrocarburation oven, manual/automatic dies disassembling and but cutting, and soda baths (two cubes).

Scrap handling:The principle of these machines consists on compact and removing out of the plant the scrap generates during the extrusion in two points of the process: Press butts and end of profiles or bad profiles in finishing saw.The manipulation could manually, be by means of one scrap balling machine. Or automatic, by means of metallic conveyors and one scrap cutting press.


Our Services

Product design, manufacture, sales and service are in strict accordance with the standards of ISO9000 quality system.

Quality has Three Guarantees for one year and will provide spare parts and maintenance services for lifelong time.

Providing free training on buyer's operators and ensure they can handle the machine. Also we will be responsible for the installation and commissioning.

When equipment arrives to the demander, do a good job of after sales service. Reply in 6 hours and get to the site within three working days.

Company Information

Established in 2010, ProMachinery Industry Trade(china) Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production of the whole set of Steel Pole Production Line and welding automation manufacture, Metal Bending & Forming Equipment. We are located in Jiangsu Province, with convenient transportation access. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different marks throughout the world.

Our well-quipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enable us to guarantee total customer satisfaction.

As a result of our high quality products and outstanding customer service, we have gained a global sales network reaching Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, Australia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, India etc.

If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.

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